Fig + Almond + Tahini Protein Balls

Fig + Almond + Tahini Protein Balls using our Strawberry Acai WPI! Easy to make, chuck some sesame seeds, sunflower kernels, chia seeds, mixed dried berries, coconut, coconut oil, almonds, figs, tahini & our WPI strawberry acai flavour into your processor and boom! You’ve got yourself a healthy little snack. Cheers Mat

A Banana Whey!

Add: Chai seeds + 1 whole banana + 360Whey Vanilla and you get one smmmmmmoothie! Yep, and it tastes SENSATIONAL!!! Cheers, Mat

Choc Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Choc Peanut Butter Protein Balls ! Ingredients: cacao, natural crunchy peanut butter, our 360Whey in Choc, pepitas, sunflower seeds, cashews, dates, almonds, cinnamon, coconut oil all combined in a food processor then rolled in sesame seeds. Now that is some tasty natural fuel!! Cheers, Mat

Bio Fresh!

This just happened… We love summer time (minus waking up sweating this morning). BioPro + kale + pineapple + coconut — that’s coconut water and shavings of flesh on top for a bit of razzle dazzle!! Simple yet effective. If you haven’t heard of BioPro take a look with the link below, it’s seriously the …

Summer Shape Up

Summer Shape Up Pack contains Alcar (Acytel L-Carnitine) which helps the body metabolise fat and boost energy. Spark, which is our all natural pre-workout, in a delicious Pineapple & Coconut flavour. This helps you with energy and focus during exercise plus aids recovery. Finally our incredible WPI in Strawberry & Acai flavour, a must have …

Organic Certified Bio Balls

Today’s treat! BIOBALLS: PSA Organic Certified Bio Pro which is a bio-fermented, sprouted brown rice protein isolate, PSA organic cert raw cacao (coming soon), organic coconut oil, decicated coconut, dates, cashews, organic goji berries, organic blueberries, almonds, organic pepitas, sesame seeds, cranberries. A treat you can’t beat! Cheers, Mat.