Summer Shape Up

Summer Shape Up Pack contains Alcar (Acytel L-Carnitine) which helps the body metabolise fat and boost energy. Spark, which is our all natural pre-workout, in a delicious Pineapple & Coconut flavour. This helps you with energy and focus during exercise plus aids recovery. Finally our incredible WPI in Strawberry & Acai flavour, a must have especially for post exercise or use in a weight loss journey. Tone up, get fit and healthy this summer naturally… you’re worth it!

An easy mix is to add coconut water with the WPI for a post recovery shake. Spark is best with a small amount of water about 30min prior to exercise. And Alcar, is best mixed it in a small amount of water down the hatch first thing in the morning on an empty stomach…

Go on and conquer those goals!! Cheers, Mat.