Recommended Servings of BCAA

We have had quite a few questions about why our serving of BCAAs is 1.19g instead of the average 5g serve that most supplement companies recommend. This 1.19g serving is actually the recommended serving amount under FSANZ Guidelines, and any brand recommending above 1.19g falls outside of these guidelines.
Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is an independent statutory agency established by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991. FSANZ is part of the Australian Government’s Health portfolio.
FSANZ develops standards that regulate the use of ingredients, processing aids, colourings, additives, vitamins and minerals. The Code also covers the composition of some foods, e.g. dairy, meat and beverages as well as standards developed by new technologies such as genetically modified foods. We are also responsible for some labelling requirements for packaged and unpackaged food, e.g. specific mandatory warnings or advisory labels.

It is the Due Diligence of Protein Supplies Australia to responsibly provide recommended dosages to ensure the safety of consumers, as we feel we have a duty of care to all of our consumers to do the right thing and offer them the highest quality products available within legal guidelines.

We will note that when you have 1.19g of PSA BCAAs (Pure), you’re actually getting 1.19g. Our Pure product is not mixed with any other fillers or nasties, and what you see on the label is exactly what you are putting into your drink. We live by the motto “cut the crap” and that’s exactly what we try to provide; quality nutrition without any nasties, doping agents or crap, and quality, transparent information to help you educate yourself on your rights as a consumer.

We will state again that:

the recommended daily dosage of BCAAs under the FSANZ Code is 1.19g.

We aspire to be leaders in the highest quality sports supplements in Australia, which is why we take the development, manufacturing and supply of our products so seriously. It is important that everyone has access to the highest quality nutrition catered to their needs, and we do our best to ensure that these practices are upheld by everyone at PSA.