Does pea protein build muscle?

Here’s a great little video from High Intensity Health, a Youtube channel that make some great informative videos around health and wellbeing.

The video covers a few studies which measured the results–during a controlled study–between pea and whey proteins and found some great information.

The results of a more recent study should get us even more excited about pea protein: it’s as effective as whey at improving muscle protein synthesis. That is because pea protein is rich in the branch-chain amino acid (BCAA) leucine.

Some of the findings really supported the value of pea protein but made an important note that the most important factor is a good amount of BCAAs, specifically leucine, in the protein, something that a lot of plant-based proteins have traditionally lacked in but our PeaPro is high in.

Although strength and arm thickness increased in both pea protein and whey protein supplemented groups after 12 weeks of training, the greatest increase in muscle thickness was noted in the whey protein group. This is likely due to the high slightly higher glutamine and leucine content of the whey protein.

As a reminder, when it comes to protein and maintaining muscle health, supplementing with either pea or whey doesn’t seem to make much difference so long as the amount of leucine is high.

There’s some great additional notes viewable at their site here.