David Rangi – Nutrition

To celebrate David Rangi competing this year at the 2015 Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship we thought we’d share some info on David and how he got there.


Being involved in sports from a very young age I have always felt like I was on top of the nutritional side of things, but when I came to supplements, I was more often than not sold on the marketing ploys of the large Body Building Supplement companies. I was first introduced to supplements when my High School Rugby League coach dumped a 5kg bucket of Mass Gainer Protein, Bag of Dextrose and a container of Creatine on my desk, and told me I had to drink 4 shakes a day because I was too lean for my position  That then led to 10yrs of complete dependence on my Pre-Workout, Intra-Workout, Post-Workout, Mass Gainer, etc…..Being a shift worker in the Bowen Basin Coal Mines for nearly 10yrs only increased my use of Pre-Workout, to the point where I couldn’t function normally without it. Although I have always been in good shape, for a long time I just didn’t feel right, always uncomfortable and I’d say nearly every day to my wife that I felt “Puffy”. But being a creature of habit, I just continued on, doing the same thing, taking anything and everything, and just thinking that the way I felt was normal. All day bloating and puffiness just became part of my day-to-day routine. I had my Blood Sugar levels tested due to suffering from Heart Palpitations, which indicated very high levels and with Diabetes having a very strong impact on both sides of my family, my Doctors advised that I quit using the supplements I was taking due to the extremely high amounts of Sugars and Fillers.

It wasn’t until Amy my wife got sick of seeing me struggle, that she brought home a bag of Protein Supplies Australia Pea Pro from our local health shop and begged me to try it. Too be honest, I wasn’t too keen to try it LOL. My biggest fear was losing all my “Gainz”, surely a protein derived from vegetables rather than animal products couldn’t work. But sure enough, I noticed a dramatic difference in how I felt after only one day of using Pea Pro. No Puffy-ness, No Bloating, and 18months later I have maintained all my Muscle Mass & Strength I was so scared of losing. I am now using only Bio-Pro, BCAA’s and Spark and am in better shape than I have ever been.

BJJ is a very Health conscience scene, we put our bodies through Hell on a daily basis, so we want to make sure that the fuel we use is of the highest quality. Many of my training partners, even former opponents, have made the switch and ditched all the Junk filled supps for natural alternatives. I have tried nearly every natural supplement alternative out there, but PSA are the only company that have products that are not only naturally a better option, but also taste amazing too. Bio-Pro Choc/Hazelnut is my fav

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