Why clean protein always wins

We have a lot of questions from customers asking why our proteins have such a higher protein count than other brands, and we’ve written this article to answer a few of your questions, and to outline the benefits of clean protein. Have a read!

Let’s start off with one of my favourite words. Carbs. I think it’s fair to say that we all love to get our carb intake our own way, some of us  prefer to get their intake without the help of supplements full of fillers.

It’s important to us that we provide the highest quality, functional supplements, without additives. Leaving fellow food lovers such as myself to add my own nutritional additives and get my macros my own way (yeah, protein pancakes are a serious weakness for me).

Bang for your buck

When we’re doing groceries and come across two similar options, we compare the two based on their qualities before we make a decision. Price, quality, size, ingredients and country of origin are variables we weigh up before we make our decision, and it’s no different for protein.

Take two options,


The first, not only is cheaper in price, but you’re actually paying for more protein in the first option, than the second which only has an 80% protein count.

When you’re comparing two products, it’s important to read the ingredients list to understand what it is you’re paying for, and subsequently putting in your body. You don’t want to be stuck paying more for fillers, additives and aminos that are not aligned with your goals or diet. But how does clean protein fit into my diet? Read on and find out!

Room for more food!

Pre-determined carb loading is a great option for those who find it difficult to get their necessary macro-nutrients throughout the day. For the rest of us who find it only ‘oh so easy’ way to get their carbohydrate intake throughout the day, we enjoy being able to pick and choose the carbohydrates we eat.

Protein Supplies Australia’s (PSA) functional range of natural nutrition allows you to do just that, with all products containing the essentials you need for your performance goals. This leaves you with not only more cash in your wallet, but the ability to determine your macros (carbs, lipids, protein) such as sugar and cholesterol, and micronutrients your own way!


So we’ve discovered that clean protein allows you to not only save money, and eat more, but did you know you’re able to fuel your performance further with a clean protein. Many people experience stomach issues due to fillers, artificial colours & flavours and our favourite words ‘proprietary blend’ (HINT* we don’t like those).

We have spoken to customers who were taught that discomfort, pain and bloating are ‘normal’ experiences when taking supplements, which never ceases to amaze! We believe that channelling in, and listening to your body is an important step on the way to good health, with supplements used as a way to supplement and enhance your quality of life, not the opposite.

These issues can seriously impact your performance, potentially resulting in further medical issues as we have seen countless times throughout the years.

Inner and outer health

You only have one body in this life, so it’s probably a good idea to look after it.

In amazing news, Australian demand for natural and health food has increased exponentially over the past 5 years (check out IBISWorld for more info), with more and more people realising the importance of fuelling your body with positive solutions; putting down that cheese-burger, and picking up bliss balls instead!

Natural nutrition is pretty darn important to us here, and we’ve written a few articles outlining the importance of natural flavours and colourings  , reading the label and to start asking the question: ‘What’s in my protein?’. Knowledge is power, so get powered up!

In conclusion…

Arming up on knowledge by educating yourself on what you’re ingesting is so important to us here at PSA, we aim to be a strong source of knowledge for you, and to aid you on your natural fuel journey.

Check out our products suggested, and try natural nutrition without the crap for yourself now!