Surf Coast Sweat: Your Questions Answered by Gabe & Bree from Sweatr

PSA loves supporting big dreams – this is why when Gabe & Bree (long-time content creators & lovers of PSA) came to us with their event Surf Coast Sweat we had our hands waving up in the air to be involved.

Gabe & Bree have kindly taken some time out of their busy days to have a little chat about who they are, what this event is all about and why you should care!

For all Victorian-ites around the Torquay area, your weekend is officially sorted!

Have a read of our conversation below:

“How is your day today in sunny Victoria?”

Bree: “Feels like we’re still waiting on our 2015 summer down here in Victoria! But pretty good nonetheless down the Surf coast.”

“For those of us who don’t know, what is The HIIT Project and Sweatr?”

Bree: “The HIIT Project is our new little baby. We provide epic outdoor sessions for both groups and one on one, focusing on High Intensity Interval Training methods for fast and effective workouts. It is something we have only spoken about but never really thought it would be possible, but once we put pen to paper there was no looking back!”

Gabe: “We launched The HIIT Project 3 months ago in Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads and have been amazed by the amount of support we have received so far.”

“Sweatr, however, is a Fitness Finder platform where thousands of studios and fitness providers can be found by every athlete and weekend warrior. This is where you can find The HIIT Project, our complete timetable and book in for sessions. It’s finding your perfect workout, made easy!”



“What is this HIIT & Sweatr event coming up, who should attend, and why should we care?”

Bree: “Sweatr is teaming up with The HIIT Project and Upstate Yoga to bring the first of its kind Health and Fitness event to the Surf Coast! We will provide a sweat, a hip-hop yoga flow and stalls full of health and wellness treats. All profits will be donated to the incredible YGAP Foundation. There will be DJ’s, goodie bags, major prizes, VIP guests, giveaways and incredible amounts of motivations from a huge bunch of like-minded people (and those who love free stuff 😉 ). Aaahhh we’re getting giddy just talking about it!”


“Coming from a design background Bree, how did you find the transition into fitness & health?”

Bree: “It was a no-brainer for me. I’ve always been into sports and fitness, running and hitting the gym most days ever since I can remember so there was no big jump into the fitness industry. However, after completing my Design course I realized sitting on my bum at a computer all day just wasn’t going my cup of tea, and that I’d much prefer to be helping athletes and everyday athletes like myself become faster, fitter and stronger. So when I decided to study a Sports & Exercise Science degree at Deakin University, I knew exactly I was then on the right path. I always had in the back of my brain too, that my design skills would be help me if I ever wanted to start my own business… which it did!”


 “For those who are looking to follow in your footsteps, do you have any advice for them?

Bree: “Just go for it! If you have a goal, a dream or a wish, write them down. Be realistic and make sure they’re measurable. If it’s not tangible, how on earth do you expect to know when or if you’ve got there? Give yourself time and continually revisit your goals to check that you’re on track. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your expectations and the process, but just remember that you’re only human and good things take time. Don’t expect too much too soon, and enjoy the ride.”

“In a typical day, what does your diet generally look like?

Gabe: “Our diet is so important to us! It consists of lean meats, bundles and bundles of greens, healthy fats and PSA powders! Our daily prerequisites are: a strong brew from one of our locals; Gabe aims for 6-7 meals a day; Bree aims for 4. Our macros change daily according with our training load and how we’re generally feeling. But if we were to name our talents, eating would be one of them!”


“How did you find Protein Supplies Australia’s products assist you in your development?”

Gabe: “PSA have been absolutely incredible. We Love their product, their concept and the people that make it happen. The support we continually receive has been above and beyond what we ever expected. Having PSA be a part of our journey has been insane and also blessing. We find dealing with our favorite marketing team member Courtney a breeze. We share our recipes, ideas and of course our humor!”

Bree: “We love what PSA provide and use it ourselves, and have recommended their products to our clients. They love they that we can strongly recommend a brand (and a flavor) to them that they trust and that has really helped us build a strong relationship with our clients.”



“What is your favourite post-workout snack?”

Bree: “Protein Pancakes hands down. Made up of all things healthy and full of flavor, our secret recipe is definitely not camera shy. Picture fluffy Protein banana pancakes using PSA Pea Protein, layered with chobani natural flavoured yoghurt with fresh banana and mixed berries, topped with cacao nibs and a chocolate protein sauce. Who’s Hungry?!”


(seriously delicious-looking protein pancakes – definitely drool worthy)

“What do you do for relaxation?”

Gabe: “We run! For us the fresh air through our lungs and the adrenaline through our veins is medicinal. After a long day on the tools or a stressful exam for Bree nothing even comes close to the feeling of a run. It’s a savior! Apart from exercise, rest for us is just as important. For us ‘wannabe athletes’ we have to respect this. We love to bake, catch up with friends or find some place untouched.”



“…and finally, where can we find you for this event and what do we need?”

Bree: “Head to for ALL the details and who we are partnered with on the day! There you can book in for the event in Torquay on November 13th, where it starts at 10am for rego, then the first HIIT wave at 11am! The day will flow through to ‘yoga with loud mad beats’ then finish up with prizes!”

Thank you so much Bree & Gabe for your time, we’re so excited to be involved in the Surf Coast Sweat Event with Sweatr!



Event: Surf Coast Sweat

Where: Torquay Victoria

When: 13th November 2016

What’s on:  Hip-Hop Yoga, Workouts, Food, Goodie Bags, Prizes & much more…

We’ve got a list below of some of the other awesome brands who have contributed to the event this weekend – be sure to check them out!