Introducing Our Brand New Keto Coffee! ☕

Ditch the Carbs & Start Your Day Off Right

Most people need coffee to wake up in the morning. But instead of loading your morning beverage with carb-rich milk and sugar, why not wake up with nutritious & satisfying coffee that keeps you full for hours?

Our Keto Coffee is the perfect accompaniment to the ketogenic and/or intermittent fasting lifestyle. With real dehydrated coffee powder, coconut milk powder, ethically-sourced MCT oil and collagen peptides, this smooth & creamy beverage will provide you with the natural fuel you need to start your days off right.

At Protein Supplies Australia, we’re all about convenience and making the healthy lifestyle as simple as possible. Our Keto Coffee comes ready-made – all you need to do is add 20 grams of Keto Coffee powder to 150mls of hot or cold water, stir well and enjoy. Yep – you don’t have to buy all the individual ingredients, you don’t have to waste time preparing the drink and you don’t have to wake up the neighbourhood with your blender at 6 am!

Why Drink Keto Coffee?

First Off… What Is the ‘Ketogenic’ Diet?

The ketogenic diet (AKA low carb, low carb high fat or LCHF diet) is a very low-carb, high fat diet that involves drastically reducing carb intake and replacing this with fat. The reduction in carbs puts the body into a metabolic state called ‘ketosis’, where it burns fat rather than carbs.   The Keto diet has a number of suggested benefits, including sustained weight loss, improved energy, controlled blood sugar and increased mental focus and clarity.

Keto Coffee Is Ideal for Keto Dieters

This coffee has massive benefits on energy levels and cognitive function. It suppresses hunger, stimulates metabolism, provides steady & lasting energy and boosts mental clarity.

The coffee is full of antioxidants and protects against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer and heart disease.

The MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil improves cognitive function, boosts energy, increases focus, balances hormones, lifts mood, increases ketone production and assists with better weight management.

The collagen peptides (from pasture-fed sources) support bone and joint health, contribute to better weight management, support a healthy gut and improve hair, skin and nails.

The coconut milk lowers cholesterol, prevents fatigue, improves blood pressure, increases energy, enhances physical performance and reduces hunger (thanks to healthy fats that fill you up and prevent overeating).

We didn’t choose these ingredients randomly – they are all designed to provide you with optimal nutrition, sustained energy and long-lasting fullness. We hope you’re as excited about Keto Coffee as we are!

Try Our New Keto Coffee