Hyped up to be Hydrated? Say hello to Restore!

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re pretty excited about our new range of products set to hit stores during February.

One of our new products on offer is Restore, our all natural, all hydration drink. Restore has been carefully crafted by our kitchen wizards to be packed full of natural nutrition and flavour to deliver the ultimate taste experience to your tastebuds.

Formulated for maximum hydration and recovery, restore is a true isotonic drink, replenishing your body with the vital nutrients lost during physical activity and assisting muscular recovery post-exercise.


What’s under the hood?

Coconut Water: Sourced from tender green coconuts, this premium-grade coconut water improves hydration and delivers superior naturally-occurring electrolytes.

Plant Based Amino Acids: Free-Form BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and L-Glutamine optimise muscle recovery and repair with increased bio-availability.

Sea Minerals: Harvested from a sustainable living source (seaweed) in Iceland, our added sea minerals offer bio-available calcium and magnesium to assist blood pressure, heart rhythm and bone strength and density.

Magnesium: Essential in muscle & nerve function, blood glucose control, energy production and protein synthesis.


Restore contains no added sugar and is naturally sweetened by the coconut water & stevia, keeping it a pure and nasty additive-free recovery choice. For improved hydration and recovery, sip restore rather than take large gulps, both intra (during) and post exercise.

Ways we use restore:

  • As an all-day refreshment drink – diluting the serves in a 1.5L bottle of water and drinking throughout the day as an extra boost on water.
  • As an ice block –  Having a serve of restore as a refreshing ice block on a hot summer’s day is delicious and hydrating!
  • As a jelly – creating a jelly out of restore is easy with gelatin, with restore as the flavour base, yummy!

If you don’t believe us that restore is amazing, try for yourself with one of our sample packs, or dive straight into awesomeness with our 500g bags.