Staying active with an Injury

“Start of January I had a little tumble off my horse which resulted in me getting a ride to hospital with an ambo who was also a PT (and pretty fit-looking too!) Nothing broken however some skin off the shoulder and elbow, arm in a sling and months of rehab ahead with shoulder tendinitis . I had deep tissue, dry needling and physio to get me back on track. I still am not at 100% but I’ve learnt slow and steady is loads better than rushing back in.

It might mean you changing your usual routine a little but sometimes that’s a good thing. A change is as good as a holiday and depending on severity; you can either get upset about it or look on the bright side of things. It did frustrate the beejebus out of me not being able to do my usual routine but a fair amount of that was because I felt like I was letting my clients down – sorry guys I’m injury prone! So how do you stay active whilst recovering from an injury?

Look for alternative methods of exercise – Can’t run on your injured knee? Why not try pilates with a qualified instructor – there is plenty of stability ball exercises out there. Direct your focus to other body parts such as arms, back and core. Enjoy boxing? Boxing is great upper body workout and a great stress reliever. Another great option is buy a hand cycle – you might feel a little silly but it’ll certainly get the heart pumping and work your guns!

Start a new, healthy habit – if there’s nothing physical you can do at all while recovering from injury, focus on creating a new healthy habit such as sleeping better or eating well. Try out some new recipes and invite your friends around for a cook up! Put your time and energy into a new hobby or enrol in a course – I’m all for self-improvement.

Help someone else – being injured can sometimes lead to people wallowing in self-pity on the couch with a block of Dairy Milk. Why not reach out and help someone? Volunteer your time, service or just a phone call to someone you feel needs a cheer up will help take your mind off it. Making someone else feel good can be the most rewarding feeling.

Try to be as active as possible in your usual daily life whilst you are injured and be sure to eat wholesome foods. Avoid processed, sugar-laden junk which will only add ’empty’ calories to your daily intake and not help your goal in the long run. Seek alternative ways to be active and reach out to those around you. And remember –”


– Megan Johnson.