Nuts about BOSU Balls

Bosu balls are great training tools to help with a variety of exercises, we love to do front lunges with one foot on a BOSU ball to help increase balance, workout your legs and your core. BOSU Balls are awesome ways to increase your balance, core strength and get those buns burning. Check out what they are and why they’ve become a gym staple.

What is a BOSU Ball?


A BOSU Balance Trainer (or BOSU ball) is a fitness training device, invented in 1999 by David Weck, consisting of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform. The device is often used for balance training. The term BOSU has now transcended the original branding to mean “both sides utilised”.


 What are the benefits?


The verywell blog has some great tips on how to use your BOSU:

Doing exercises on the BOSU requires you to maintain your center of gravity over a surface that is constantly changing. Just standing on it is challenging, as your body moves and shifts into and out of balance.

Using the Bosu Balance Trainer can help improve:

  • Balance Because the BOSU is never stable, you’re constantly engaging the small stabilizer muscles in the upper and lower body to keep you in place.
  • Kinesthetic awareness This is just a fancy word for your awareness of how the body is positioned at any given moment. This awareness is something that often declines as we age, so the Balance Trainer can help you stay connected with how your body moves.
  • Proprioception This is another fancy word describing how your body responds to external forces to keep your joints in the right position. When you stand on a Balance Trainer, all of your muscles are forced to contract to keep your joints in proper position. This helps make normal activities easier.

The best thing about the BOSU, besides its versatility, is that it adds fun to your usual workouts. I’ve used it in place of my step for aerobic workouts (very tough) and while doing some traditional yoga poses, like warrior and triangle. It made the workouts challenging and interesting.

How to use it?

There are an awesome array of body burning exercises to use when you’re working out with a BOSU Ball, we’ve found some great articles to check out just how you can try them next time you head to the gym, or if you’ve got one of your very own!

Our Verdict:

We have 3 things to say about our workouts with BOSU balls:

1.  Your core will thank you

2. Then it will hate you

3. Then it will thank you again!

 What to do once you’ve finished your workout?

Once you’ve finished your workout with your new favourite half ball, make sure that you refuel your body with PSA natural nutrition.