8 Ways to Exercise when you don't have time

By now we should all know that maintaining an active lifestyle is of high importance. Not only is it good for our body, but it’s also great for the mind!  Work, family, school, study commitments can get in the way of being active but don’t stress – if you are finding it difficult to make time in your life then here are some tips to help you sneak in a little exercise wherever you can; whenever you can!

1 – Choose something over nothing

– I’m sure you’ve seen the meme ‘a one hour workout is 4% of your day’. For some people (especially young mums), one hour of ‘me time’ just doesn’t happen so use whatever time you have. If you get 15 minutes a day that you can dedicate to yourself then great – use that time to get your sweat on. There are plenty of time-effective workouts out there; think HIIT baby! (if you’re a new mum then don’t do anything of high intensity or that will put pressure on your pelvic floor – consult your doctor first and if you’re still unsure seek out a PT who has studied pelvic floor training)

2 – Turn your daily commute into a workout

– walk to work, ride your pushie, get off the tram/train/bus a few stops earlier or even park the car a few blocks away. It all counts!

3 – Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier

– if you already get up at 4am for work then no I’m not suggesting getting up even earlier but for those 7am risers get out of bed on the first alarm! Get up, get active and feel AMAZING. Every Wednesday morning I run a boot-camp inspired class that starts at 7.15am. I have to drive 40 minutes to get there so I’m awake at 6am. I’ll admit I wake up a little grumble butt but I tell you what after that session I am alive and ready to take on the world. Working out in the morning is the best and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Still need motivation? Sleep in your active wear!

4 – Get active in your lunch break

– get away from your computer and go get some fresh air. Your boss will actually thank you as it’s proven people who log off for their lunch break are more productive than those who don’t!

5 – Involve your family

– got young children? Invest in a jogging stroller! Got a dog? Take it for a walk! Got a hubby/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? Get active together, it’s good fun and great bonding time to discuss your day or just make general chit chat (I’ve been meaning to pull on the boxing gloves with my partner – boxing is a great workout and brilliant stress relief)

6 – Don’t be a couch potato

– just because you HAVE to watch Home & Away doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to not work out. Get your sweat on in front of the TV – a 30 minute episode is the perfect time to fit in a 3 set strength workout or complete a 30 minute cardio session. Not up to doing 30 minutes straight – break it up into ad break mini workouts!

7 – Take the stairs

– instead of taking the elevator every day climb those stairs. Walk past a set of stairs every day on your lunch break? Walk up and down them twice. Who cares if people look at you a little strange?!

8 – Wear a fitness tracker

– these clever little inventions are a great tool to motivate you to get more active! My best friend recently challenged me to a Weekday step challenge. At first I thought oh yeah I won’t care about it. But by Wednesday I was finding ways to get up any extra steps I could. Walking around the house while waiting for the kettle to boil – sure!

Written by – Megan Johnson,

Personal Trainer

Well Inspired Fitness