Troy Knight – Ironman training

I have been around the endurance event scene for around 8 years. Participating in several marathons. And triathlons from sprint distance to Iron Man. I haven’t ever actually won an event but always have a crack and love the lifestyle that triathlon brings.

I usually find myself in the top 3rd of the field. At the start of my current training block I decided to make some changes to my diet and have a further look at supplementing.

The products that I use daily are Spark ( preworkout), Creatine, Beta alanine and L glutimine to top up my amino stores and muscle strength. I have also been using the Casein just before bed for overnight recovery.

I like that the products from PSA are environmentally friendly and locally sourced where possible. The ingredients are clean and natural so I can trust that I am not taking in any nasty chemicals that my body will not tolerate.

Since I have stared taking these products I have found that I am able to sustain efforts for longer periods and recover faster…Bring on Ironman Busselton 2015.