Enter BioPro – a review

Protein powders have improved significantly since I first started using them 40 years ago when I began natural bodybuilding, and I couldn’t even put it into numbers the amount of different protein powders that I’ve tried since that time.

Enter BioPro, and in my opinion we are now talking about a protein that stands head and shoulders above all other vegetable/plant based proteins.

In BioPro, we are talking about a certified organic, sprouted, whole grain brown rice protein isolate that has passed through a natural bio fermentation process making it the purest, highly digestible protein on the market. I look at the ingredients, the protein and amino acid profile of this very impressive product and I’m not surprised that it is so nutrient rich, and I do like the flavors. Moreover, if you read some of my other articles you will see why I place such importance on nutrient rich foods. Furthermore, vegetable/plant based proteins DO NOT make your body acidic and are perfect for people that may be sensitive to things like lactose, gluten, soy, wheat etc.

Bio Pro is a perfect fit to my nutritional needs, and as I prepare for some national and international natural bodybuilding events this year, I will know that I have taken my body 1st class in the form of Bio Pro.

Yours in good health,
Glen Zephyre
ANB Asia Pacific International Physique Champion!