Bio-fermented gem!

Our BioPro is an organic certified, plant based, 90% (protein) bio-fermented, sprouted, brown rice protein isolate (not a concentrate) featuring in today’s smoothie with grapes, baby spinach, cucumber and pear. You can even purchase some single serve satchels so you can try before you buy. You won’t be disappointed. Such a versatile little gem! Cheers, …

Tasty naturally fermented L-Glutamine

Here’s a real tasty way to use our naturally fermented L-Glutamine — add 5g to 1L of water, throw in some chopped ginger, mint, blueberries, lemon & lime juice plus some honey to taste & you’ve got yourself a super nutritious post-workout recovery drink (add some BCAA if your super keen) … Enjoy!

Cacao Mint Protein smoothie

Cacao Mint Protein smoothie — quick little whip up using organic cacao, mint leaves, PSA WPI (fast release) pure plus I added some coconut water, spinach leaves and a sprinkle of coconut sugar + (drum roll please) I’ve added in our new ingredients range that is coming verrrrrry soon!

Pomegranate, lemon & mint juice amino!

Tasty way to get your aminos down! Pomegranate lemon and mint juice w/ a hit of ALCAR! Best to use first thing in the morning Acetyl L-Carnitine (Alcar) can increase energy, assist with weight loss and fat metabolism plus it’s is an antioxidant. Amazing stuff! Cheers, Mat  

Protein & Chia Parfait

Not a bad way to start the day! Protein & Chia Parfait — Mix together some coconut milk, our WPC premium grade, our organic chia seeds (coming soon) then spoon on top some chopped mango, blueberries, strawberries, passion fruit, watermelon. Easy! Dive in. Cheers, Mat